Portfolio methodology goes hand in hand with the intensions of modern education as a conscious way of working with learning and development.

Portfolio is a form of pedagogical documentation and an approach towards students, knowledge and learning.

The way we see, perceive and receive students influences their learning and development. Portfolio stands for a modern and constructive way of working. A working method that contributes to make school work and learning more stimulating, meaningful, and developing for both teachers and students.

The portfolio helps the learner to see himself/herself as a learning individual. The portfolio is a tool that, with the teacher’s guidance, gives the student increased control on and responsibility for their own learning. To work with portfolio is to come close to the learning process. For the student it is a matter of collecting, organizing, reflecting, discussing, and presenting their school work.

Since 1995 Ellmin & Ellmin / Platform Portfolio is working with research on, education in, and development of portfolio and portfolio methodology. We have a development programme that helps schools to introduce and develop portfolio. The programme, which includes five days over a two year period, is structured around: preparation - implementation - practicing - evaluation - further development (elaboration). We have, so far, carried out development work at about a hundred schools and other educational institutes around the Nordic countries. We are building portfolio from pre-school to adult education.

We are also offering separate courses/training days, arrange seminars and conferences, and write books and produce teaching-aids. We have trained more than 30,000 pedagogues at different types of schools. Among our clients are separate schools, universities and university colleges, State-owned and private educational organizers. We are now expanding our work towards the rest of Europe.

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